Evil behind the scenes


Many times I’d wonder and ponder on the mystery of life and the evil in the hearts of men. How turbulent the propagators of evil will be; boring set of persons, propagating boring evil and choose to live in quiet discomfort that is only known to them.

It is such a shame to sail the ship of Christianity, flagging Christ on the surface but right down the deck, holds the foundation of evil. Such taboo that lies far off the life and expectations from a true Christian and immoral in the sight of God and man.

How can a man choose to disguise himself as God’s servant to propagate evil, engaging in rituals of different dimensions and killing innocent lives for what is not right?  What is a supposed man of God doing with red pieces of clothes, graven images, white basin, native chalks, people’s photographs, herbs and the rest? Or is there any portion in the Christian bible that supports such practices? This is quite absurd. I wonder what our society is turning into. The hard prize paid by Christ on the Cross at Calvary is being taken for granted as many so called pastors now use the name of a church for commercial interest which is achieved through sacrificial offerings to the devil.

Recently, a man is being exposed of this devilish practice at Okon-Edak street  in Calabar. Disguised as a pastor and fond of being called “daddy” by his members, he was busy using this privilege for his selfish interest. He was exposed with evidence to have used the heart of a baby of 1 year and three Months old for ritual in order to keep the ministry going. Report has it that he refused to admit it but later did after people started beating him. In the process, other graven images, pictures, basin, herbs, bones, women underwear among other items were dug up from the church where he serves and live chicken, blood stains on clothes which is believed to be from another murdered human were also discovered in the branch at another location. This shameful and terrifying scenario has put the true men of God in suspicious light in the minds of the public, as many questions would run through their minds, even concerning their various place of worship.

The church is a sacred place and is expected to be reverenced, as the body of Christ but some people with seared conscience have no regard for God that is why they would hide under the umbrella of church ministry to device evil.

Crime rates are on the increase in our society, youths are restive, people are complaining because of the high cost of living and so on. The church is supposed to bring divine solutions to societal problems, but it is quite unfortunate that this pillar of hope has been turned into the host of evil in disguise by some rebellious set of persons, leaving a bad stigma even on those who are God’s true servants.

There are over 20 thousand churches in Nigeria today. Who knows which among these are true and which are false? This recent incident is not the first of its kind. It has been happening in other places and may still happen in the future. There is need for the law to hold any murderer to ransom in the name of running a church ministry. Evil must be purged from our society. Before this present incident, there have been reports on the media about same issue in some other states with evidence of murdered lives. These people must be apprehended and serious judgment should be passed on them as appropriate to serve as warning. These culprits must be used as scape goats to others. People must not disguise themselves as angels in day-light but grow fangs of evil at night, creating havoc on innocent people.

These evil incidents should also serve as a challenge to true servants of God, to engage in serious intercession so that these evil doers be purged from our society. It should also serve as a challenge and warning to prospective “daddies” and “mummies” who wish to use evil as their foundations in the name of running a church to think twice.

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Evil behind the scenes
People tend to disguise themselves as men of God, propagating evil behind closed doors.
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