#Poem Journey across the street









Never wait on my lights to wear away,

Glowing slow till the wax fail to hold

The charming flames as the smoke fades;

Funding your laugh bank to the brim.

But cease not the cunning humming

Of melodies that teases the heart in gloom.

Refuse not to fire the darts when I turn away;

Make me a rubble and curse double.


Amidst the thunders,let your plunders

Cast me in sunder to sink to the reefs.

Forsake me even in cold fields and snow;

Haunt my betimes and make me regret awaking.


Upon my whole self, churn like butter,

Perhaps sieve and drain  me to the chaff.

My tucked face isn’t to shy from the spurns;

Am shield enough against the lances.


My thoughts merry not on your terrains,

Nor my mind set gazes on your world like the kites.

What I loose, more I gain and gain again;

I never shatter at mere fists, mine has got fury.



What makes my bending double are far from your troubles.

Just dreaded dangerous delays and  disdain against my glee.

But I refuse to zoom for fear of dying;

Then choose to thrive in harmless moderation.


It looks more of a mile, yet just a leap,

To lurk ever in that wet and grassy plains;evergreen.

And hold this thought dear or with fear,

Even a sincere rue would sound like the trumpet of war.

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Journey across the street
This is a poem about the challenges on the road to success. The man is not concerned about the snorts of passers-by but the delay he faces.
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