The world all over has diverse cultures and traditions of which some are highly kept in esteem preference, others have been spread all over nations of the world due to global integration and social change. The Nigerian society is not left out to share in these trend as we are a developing nation that is seeking recognition world wide. The sweet savour of technology, fashion, and other innovations has greeted the Nigerian society and in return she has opened her arms and welcomed it. She has embraced it to its core and some has progressively or positively welcomed these social change and has neglected core values that really describes the characteristics of an African. Africans have been looked at the world around, as one of the strongest  race of human beings as certain things that the developed nation are easily broken with does not affect them. An ordinary African did not know what really depression was and in that regard was not affected by it. Proven, a typical African was the last person to think of suicide when the going is tough, it was rare to see an African that will take another’s life due to some minor issues. What has happened to that African? What resulted to the lose of all those values that made them different from the world’s mighty? It is found in the phrase “self-concept”. It all boils down to how they see themselves, how they expect others to look at them or what they expect from others.  It emphasises the values and worth Nigerians put into certain things that was not part of the African tradition.

The social media is really a breakthrough innovation in this technological age, it has not only helped in international integration but also in business and entrepreneurial development across national frontiers, it has promoted businesses and of course made life easier ( for those that know its real worth). The big question here is how has a Nigerian youth used social media to better his life?, has it really been a tool for social advancement or in what way has social media promoted our Nigerian culture and to what extent has these media enhanced national integration?

Numerous Nigerian youths have placed so much worth on what happens in his/her social media platforms to the extent that they don’t mind compromising certain values to have that much “likes” and sweet comments on Facebook, the thousand “retweets” on Twitter, the thousand of “followers” on Instagram and the likes. They have compromised a lot to the point of borrowing some clothes to take pictures in order to look “cool” to the opposite sex and to get the self-acclaimed tittle of “slay queens” and “slay kings” and other tittles which does not add any value to the overall building of oneself. Some have been “socially-indoctrinated” into believing that their self-worth or the number of likes that is being seen on their social media platforms is a typical description of how they are being valued in the real world but believe it or not, a friend on my social media platform that always likes my pictures and wrote the sweetest comments has driven by and watched me drenched in the drain, what a world. Why should our worth be determined by numbers of likes, comments and followers. It is even shocking to know that there are some people who want to rate or rate your relationship with them based on the way you are active on their pages, and you on the other hand will be developing inferiority complex because you are not “slaying” like others are by having the much comments, likes and followers. Why should we allow social media become social measurement of worth?

In recent past Nigeria has witnessed a high rate of suicide by people who are doing very well economically than their peers in rural areas, which is something that is very rare for an African, let alone a Nigerian, why this scourge? The answer all dressed up in the same word “self concept”, many have put a price tag on social media acceptance, some think the social media is a platform to be loved and cherished, a measure of intelligence and definition of our social prowess, this in the real sense is totally wrong. Why develop depression because you have not gotten that much likes and followers and the next thing you start feeling unwanted and the thought of living the world creeps in, then suicide is the case. If men will realise that the opinion of others do not really define a person, then the world will be a better and safer place.

Nudity is the new trend, some people will say that they are showing us what we really want to see. Our body does not even have value and sacredness that it holds, inspirational posts and educative posts are given a blind eye but erotic massage will drive the most likes and comments which will not even add a dime to our status, when will a Nigerian youth try to use these ground breaking medium to enrich himself positively?, what is the essence of these long talk? The Nigerian society should know what really is of essence in social interaction, know that self-worth is not tied on the way we get socially accepted in our social media or platforms, it is you who defines your self-worth by the things you do outside mere psychological deceptions that happens on social media.



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The way we see ourselves has really affected our social lives, forgetting to define what should define us, rather than allowing ourselves to be defined by atmospheres which do not worth the value.
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